Day Two


Day Two

Wow. Pitching and rolling I awoke still alive and not sick. I brushed my teeth and had a minute long shower. This is no easy task as you are virtually falling on your ass every second. This ship is packed to the gills with supplies and water but it needs to last over two weeks so everything is about saving water. Even the crew do not wash their personal cups every day.

The captain and first mate Lisa are both Dutch in fact so is Sanne the Doc.

I have not bumped my head once today.

I headed for breakfast and was pleased to see some guests had reappeared but they soon once again disappeared to the depths to deal with the dreaded disease I so badly did not want to succumb to. Poor Stephan and Beate are still out of sight and have not been seen since the first hour. Stephan must love Beate for this.

We rigged some fishing line and attached a lure and are now trolling in the hope that a magnificent tasty fish jumps on.

The wind is good and we are still moving well in fair weather.

The crew are all very pleasant and seem happy to deal with my constant sometimes silly questioning. I got involved and assisted to raise more sails. Eleven of the ships sails are now up. The ship looks just like an old warship from the 1800s.

I have now mastered the helm and am allowed to steer the ship. I suggested I steer it back to Burger King but nobody heard me. Standing at the helm looking through and beyond this magnificent ship is extraordinary.

I look at the masts and they still seem too high.image image

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