My Bee



Today is a day like no other. I don’t know why but it feels that way. Perhaps it was the way the bee was flying in the rain. 

Less of a buzz than a flutter. It moved as if dancing around the rain drops. Cautiously optimistic as to its ability to beat the odds and miss that mighty drop. The one that ends all things. 

So majestic just like a ballerina dancing in the stars with only a whim to live forever and dance until the moon never rises again. 

Astonishing, truly. 

I wonder what its like to fly? I wonder if he is alone? I can’t see anybody else. I think he believes he is ethereal and invincible. He certainly looks that way. 

So tenacious and certainly not without direction. Fortitude that’s what it is, fortitude. No hesitancy at all. As if he was destined to be there at that moment in time. Dancing in the rain. 

Then he was gone. Lost into the mist of the rain. 

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