Covid Storm


I Never saw this coming. Not even a hint of it.

The year began with light rain tied up neatly with a rainbow (perhaps the slightest change in humidity).

Then, without warning, a pitter patter on the metal roof. The rain becomes hardened and intense. The night darkens. Suddenly black.

The storm hits.

It rips off roofs and shakes the foundation of our souls. Its tumultuousness takes our breath away in a thunderous rage. The surge overwhelms us. We are in no way prepared.

There are no arks or spaceships to whisk us away. It’s just us.

We are responsible for THIS storm.

We, being the human ‘kind’, must sit patiently and suffer quietly, waiting for the world to figure out what some of us already know: that we have an opportunity to succeed.

The world has changed and we cannot see it yet.

The world is tranquil and placid, the wildlife prospering and thriving whilst a natural genocide occurs. Angels circle with ominous intent…An ominous intent with a hopeful outcome.

We won’t know the extent of this evolution just yet, but in the calm you can see a new hope in the reality that our lives cannot retreat back to the old ways we consider to be our norm.

I wonder what this world will look like next year or the year after?

This is unique. A truly extraordinary moment in time.

The magnitude of these changes is overwhelming, disturbing modern warfare and the world’s security. A violent tempest.

This storm has humbled us. We are all in it regardless of wealth or stature. It does not discriminate.

I live my worst moments through the eyes and hearts of my less fortunate friends. We are all the same. Yes, we are.

A storm, a typhoon, a gale…whatever you want to call it, it’s a monster.

Unity is remarkable when countries realize they have no umbrellas. Maybe this is what we actually NEED? An opportunity for every living being to learn about one another, to adapt and thrive, using this knowledge to improve the wonderment that exists for all willing just to open their eyes and hearts to what is around them.

Storms clear, but the damage persists. It is irreversible.

We move on and create a new perception of our own reality. It’s what has to happen. Things have changed. It was a Storm that changed the world, unforeseen and monumental, never to be forgotten.

Most of us will only experience this once, but it may be the next time that really counts. The next Storm.

The lull.

The storm has quietened. Perhaps a hibernation

The birds are tweeting. The sky is a cobalt blue. The oceans glisten and the air is clean and crisp. The frogs are dancing.

A whole new world awaits.

No one sees the clouds on the horizon.

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