Michael’s ancho + umami inspired Chili Pesto

Dry fry large red chilies and peppers. I used about 12 large red chilies and two red peppers. Blacken them on the stove or a gas grill then put them into boiled water for about 30 mins. Then remove.
(This is your base for this sauce). 
Cook all ingredients for about 12 mins in a frying pan at med heat. Add softened chilies at the end and then blend everything.
  1. Tomato paste 50 grams
  2. Chorizo finely chopped 50 grams
  3. Red onions half a cup
  4. Paprika one tbsp
  5. Sundried tomato half a cup
  6. Black pepper half a tbsp
  7. Lime 8 small limes
  8. Lemon juice half a cup
  9. Sugar half a cup
  10. Fresh coriander small bunch
  11. Ground cumin one tbsp
  12. Salt 2 tbsp
  13. Fresh Origanum small bunch
  14. Vinegar half a cup
  15. Olive Oil one quarter of a cup
Hot level is 3.5 out of 5
Store in jars and treat as fresh. This quantity will make about 5 jars.

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