Day Twelve


Day Twelve

I am now a hardened semen I mean seaman. I have developed muscles that have enabled me to look a lot like popeye. I only eat spinach and this is taking a tole on my body. See pics

Amaya the Spanish chef taught me how to make bread but she didn’t know the recipe for a double whopper with cheese from Burger King. I then watched a pod of dolphin darting around the bow. It’s nice to see other life.

The crew are amazing and seem to operate like a family. Lots of humor and general fun in between serious crew tasks. The other passengers are all great despite some language difficulties.

The accommodations on board are good. I have a queen bed and balcony with a separate shower which is quite amazing. I am not allowed to use my jacuzzi due to water restrictions. The room service is rubbish cause the bartender Morten always drinks half of your drink before he gives it to you. He thinks I don’t notice.

In poor weather the crew bolt on these metal plates over the windows and seal all the hatches essentially turning this ship into a submarine. We can be totally under the water and still float and we don’t have to pay any extra for the experience.

The wind has gone again. Not totally so we just limp on at about 4 knots.

Have I mentioned that I am still immune to the sickness and that my hair continues to grow. My thought for the day. Enjoy everyday of your life because when you dead you won’t. image imageimage

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