The Universe


How beautiful are the stars.

It is with regret that I write this.

A hundred years ago nobody contemplated flying to the moon. In 20 years time Mars will seem so close you could almost reach out and touch it, and before you realize it the universe will be within our grasp.

What marvels can we discover out there. There has to be the most amazing things we have yet to imagine. How exciting is this. Wow.

I look up there and wonder how romantic it is.

Eery in a way, but a good way.

Who doesn’t want to sit and watch these amazing things.

When last have you looked at the stars and wondered what treasures could be out there.

Or we could find fuckall, nothing at all, didili squat.

We fantasize about hopeful things but in reality it’s most likely total horse poo.

We have no idea what’s out there and what is known does not blow my hair back mainly because I have none.

There can’t possibly be any intelligent life out there because there is not a lot here.

Have you noticed the best scientists other than a few from dodgy countries are still trying to work out how we were created and other thingies similar in nature.

We are stupid thick knob heads who vie for position and kill our competitors with impunity. There is always war, it never stops.

Or we are just oxygen thieves with no remorse to any generation following in our wake.

If there was any intelligent life out there they would prove it by ensuring they never bump into any of us.

If Darwin is right then the chances of us finding life on other planets is total butt shit or an absolute miracle at best.

Interplanetary pub crawling could be fun but I suggest we leave fanatical religion on earth as it remains the most destructive force mankind still tolerates.

The Mars Sling or the Sun’s butthole (earth) could be interesting cocktails but we would need earth to manufacture the ingredients so let’s calm down and stop f’ing it up for our great great great grand kiddies. They also deserve to get pissed. They have to, to deal with this shit.

You are even going to get a turn to choose a satellite instead of a shooting star. Soon we can bet on the time it takes to watch a satellite head on crash. Really.

There could be an interplanetary opportunity for Burger King here.

The stars are amazing and provide us with a source of imagination. They are hopeful and a source of comfort and joy for all mankind.

Let’s never forget the hope they provide for so many who would like to immigrate to anywhere other than earth.

I think real shooting stars are little minion unicorns flying through space with dream catchers used as parachutes. Well one can only hope.

Maybe we should just come to terms with the potential fact that the sky and stars above it are a moving portrait of the universe, nothing else.

These Star things are magnificent camouflage for this nasty unrelenting Earth. (Which I love so much)

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