Borneo Orangutans


The boats up the river which is the only way to see this national park leave from Kumai to get to Tanjung Puting.

You need to get to Pangkalan bun in Borneo. It is easy to book and fly to Pangkalan Bun from most airports in Indonesia. Sometimes it will be two short flights costing about 200 US. I flew Lion Air in conjunction with Wings air.

There is not much to the town of Pangkalan bun. I would recommend that you fly in and get straight onto your boat.

Two nights is all you need. The boats (klotoks) are only allowed so far up the river so it is pointless to spend more time. I did however do three nights and the last day was basically spent chilling on the boat. I enjoyed this quiet time.

“The best thing was cruising down the river with the cacophony of the engine which I found to be melodic and cathartic. Watching the jungle and the trees for movement. Wow so cooool.  You felt at peace in a wonderland so far from the life we live. It’s quiet with the sounds of crickets and an insect population bar none that lull you like nothing else I have experienced.”

Guys you will see the Orangutans and big nosed monkeys. Don’t expect to see much else. I saw less than 10 species of birds.

There are numerous choices of boats. I went as a solo passenger on my own. The fancier also traditional boats do have aircon however I would recommend doing it without. Yes it’s hot and humid but not unbearable.

My boat was comfortable and very clean. I had 4 staff members on board. A Captain, assistant, chef and a tour guide.

I paid the equivalent of about 550 US for my trip. I booked through a local guide by the name of Alam (orangutanalam). He is honest and communicates well on WhatsApp. Tell him how many people and whether you want a more luxurious version or a simpler one.

Packing List

You only need some shorts and a few T shirts, walking shoes, sunglasses, soap, sun block and mosquito repellent, cap, book, toiletries, extra battery, small torch, camera and binos would be useful. Literally a small carry on bag is all you need.

You don’t need anything warm.

The food is excellent and plentiful so you don’t need any snacks etc. liquor is not allowed in Borneo. E mail me if you need advice on this subject.

Ask for extra ice on your boat if it’s a basic boat. There is no power on these boats.

You will love this adventure.




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