Friends are a wonderful necessity. They come in all disguises, fat and thin and young and old. They make you smile. They share your suffering and ecstatic moments.

They know your capacity to love and manage detestation. They have the capacity to turn your worst day in the world to the best. They make life so much easier. They are your mojo.

They dispense of your imperfections as if they were irrelevant to all and sundry.

To share amazing things together and uplift each other when required is a joy. I learn my best life lessons from these people and I love them all.

Everybody has a zest for life but to share this zest with a whole assortment of special people just makes life a lot less complicated and easier to contemplate each and every day. They are indispensable.

When I am with these plebeians I just wanna suck the living day lights out of wherever I go.


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