Tang Court 3 Michelin stars


This immaculate restaurant has recently earned its 3rd Michelin star.

The food is Cantonese with some options for us westerners. It is situated in the renowned Langham hotel in Kowloon Hong Kong. Every patron in the restaurant was of Asian descent. More westerners have to eat this food and should not be scared to venture out and try some speciality dishes. This restaurant has that truly Chinese restaurant feel and decor. The service is impeccable and the food was magnificent.

You don’t have to order the stewed pigs small intestine as options abound. I ate the best barbecued pork buns I have ever eaten in my life. I would travel 10000 miles just to eat these again. I noticed many other patrons had worked this out as well. I then smashed virtually an entire Peking duck which was carved at the table in the traditional way with the duck still alive and kicking and they cut its head off at the table. The duck wasn’t happy with this at all.

Just kidding, it’s immaculately cooked and the skin is carved by Patrick and placed delicately on a plate along with all the accompaniments. Pancakes are refreshed after some minutes allowing a steady flow of fresh pancakes to be devoured by me. Tom was the server and he was professional to the end. What a wonderful experience that all should see at least once in their life. Those pork buns, guys. Seriously

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