My best day


Isn’t it great when a day just gets better and better and you grasp it and just kill it. Wow. You feel fantastic, life’s good. You eat it up as if you are a starving ravenous thing that just can’t get enough. We crave these days. They seem so few but they define our best moments and memories. We need these days to motivate our everything, to measure success and happiness. We are happy.

It just takes another Opposite Day to murder the mood. Nothing works. Life seems helpless and impossible, it’s arduous. It’s a battle of epic proportions. Life is so hard and soul destroying. How do you find your way through this nightmare. Shit, what a Kuk life we have. It’s virtually impossible to see the other side. You are oblivious to the good days and you just live the moment and survive. You cannot see the light.

Then suddenly a week later small things change and then more significant things develop and before you can contemplate it you are having the best day of your life again. Why can’t we just remember this feeling and just realize that no matter how bad things appear at a moment in your life they will change and you just have to persevere through the shit to earn your next great day. It’s a cycle of life and you earn the good days but nothing is for free and you just have to pay with those bad ones and remember they won’t and cannot last. You will beat them over and over again because it’s our nature and desire.

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