Don Quixote



For those who don’t know, a very interesting Spaniard by the name of Miguel Cervantes wrote this book in the years 1603 and 1604. The book was published in 1605 and spanned over 500 pages. It is considered one of the most influential works of its time.

This is a complex novel reflecting the latter life of a man (50) driven mad from reading books of knights and tails of adventure and chivalry fantasy, only he could not comprehend the fantasy from reality.

He adorns his dodgy armor and befriends a servant/squire idiot on a donkey on a promise that he would receive an island after supporting the Don’s crusade to route out ruffians/scoundrels and save damsels in distress and other murderous guys on his journey ultimately to nowhere in particular.

He left his village as a knight on his horse with his lance and his mate dangling over his donkey. The plan was to visit castles and attack all the bad dudes and save damsels but in reality they went to inns and drank a lot and the Don got confused between a princess and an ugly peasant in a bar and got beaten to a pulp on numerous occasions and then finally charged a windmill which he believed to be a castle.

That did not end well.

This book had a major influence on the literary community as referenced by numerous scholars of the time and latter writers of notability like Mark Twain and Alexandre Dumas. It has been mentioned as one of the greatest novels ever written.

This book is considered the most influential work of literature from the Spanish golden age.

This is a masterpiece of a novel with hundreds of pages. It’s very obvious from this brilliant story how we can relate it to modern life.

You see nothing has changed.

I drive a black Range Rover and own both a gun and a big knife. You see we don’t use lances anymore. I also have a mate who would go anywhere with me in his crap little Chinese car thing. You see we don’t really use horses and donkeys anymore much.

I just promise my idiot/mate Karl a farm and he will pretty much do anything. I have been offered many farms by mates who always say to me ” I will buy you a farm if ” I have never got this farm and neither will Karl.

I also read a lot of fantasy shit it’s just called porn and 50 shades and other chivalrous bullcrap. I also like catching ruffians/ thieves and other misfits of society. Damsels in distress is an obvious challenge not to be missed.

I go on many crusades to find adventure and all the same stuff as the Don. I have been to many inns/bars and castles/places of ill repute. I have found many a beautiful maiden in distress only to find I was out of my mind on jagermeister and all was not what it seemed.

There is no doubt that jagermeister was invented in the late fifteen hundreds and that the Don was shitfaced on it virtually all the time.

It is only a matter of time before I charge a bloody windmill and win my crusade.

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