I love Mondays. What an incredible day. You see it’s the start of another amazing week. We spend our weekends planning for these awe inspiring motivational weeks in which we set the tone each week by thoroughly enjoying and participating in these incredible days.

They are so special that they only occur once a week, which is ludicrous. Can you just imagine what we could achieve if we had two or perhaps three of these amazing days in a row. We could all be rich and our economy will most certainly avoid junk status again in December when Fitch, whoever he is reevaluates our failing economy. Fitch is known as quite a clever guy. I bet he would support our drive for virtual continuous Mondays which i just know all our unions will love. I love it. Our week could be Monday, Monday, Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We no longer need Tuesday or Wednesday because they are kuk days.

We are growing as a country at present with just one Monday per week but I noted we are growing backwards which I think means smaller which can’t be good. If we keep shrinking our economy this fast we won’t even need a Monday. In fact that’s obviously why it could be potentially known as bloody Monday. We would in fact only need weekends as we would have no work to do on a Monday or any other day for that reason.

But seriously, if we keep growing in this direction we could perhaps go back in time and start that Gold Rush thingy over again and then if we work at least 3 Mondays a week we could all be happy and Uber wealthy like the Russkie oil gorkie guys. Who obviously love Mondays.

Let’s just do it. Come on guys lets love Mondays or you will just need more.

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