Flying to the moon on my hot air balloon


I have often looked up at the moon and wondered what the best way of getting there would be. What an extraordinary journey it must be. It would take a lifetime to comprehend the manner of my travel to the moon. It would have to be surreal and adventurous. A manner of travel that nobody has contemplated or imagined in anyone’s lifetime. A ride to be savored in minute morsels over many years of imagination and life choices. You see, every decision and action we take just gets us closer to the moon. It’s that place, that epitome of splendor and wonderment to strive for, to reach out to and grasp as your ultimate destination. That one thing we all chase down and hunt, I hunt the moon.

I don’t just want to get there, I would like to do it in awe-inspiring style. I will require the finest view and a journey beyond all others. Each day of my quest must fulfill me with joy and when necessary sadness to reach that ultimate place. We earn every aspect of this privilege. The ride I wish to be smooth but I just can’t manage every obstacle that presents itself and slows the adventure. Every path has another and not all lead to the finest places but you make a choice and feel your way through. It’s sad that we lose people on the way because we need witnesses. Without these you just have yourself. This magical journey can take passengers and what a wonderful thought to provide others close to you the opportunity to visualize and be a participant in this amazing voyage.

I would like to embark with champagne and cognac not boxed wine and Guinness. The finer things we devour are those that we earn. That we force out of life. We love it but we have to keep moving or we cannot get to the moon. I like it a lot. Where is your moon? I can see mine and almost touch it. It is right there, I can feel it. I want it but I need the journey. I would like the most tranquil and life changing journey where I can see all the way up. I would like to see every star, and I mean every one of them. They make me happy. I like shooting stars. They remind us to keep that dynamic unaltered course. We need to keep on putting our whole beings forward sometimes making tiny advances and corrections but that is what’s needed to get to the moon.

I am always designing my ship, my vehicle to travel. I make improvements daily and I consider each passenger carefully. I wish for the ultimate ship to take me there. I know what I want, I just can’t reach it yet. It’s close and I need to be ready. I am feverishly pushing forward to make it happen. The more you smile the longer the journey but what a ride it is. The absurdity of this, but it’s me and you and each and everyone of us. We have different journeys and ships to get us there but we all do it. Some better than others. I would just like to get there with as much happiness as can be realistically utilized. I am going to use my chariot to fly through that magnificent sky to reach the moon.

I choose to use a hot air balloon. What a ride, and what a view. The only ride of my life.

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