One Life Many Choices


Life’s about choices. Every one of them has existential consequences. What are we looking for? What do we want out of life? How long have we got? That is the question.

What choices do we have? It’s all a choice, every decision, movement, action, smile, whether to turn left or right. It’s a choice.

We all want to be happy and nurture our loved ones. Some can do a better job than others. Often circumstances curtail ones plans. Ones desires are born out of education and environment not necessarily out of choice. We have to do the best with the tools we have at our disposal. Sometimes we inherit dodgy DNA which we don’t even realize slow us down to a tortoise trying to be the fastest creature on earth. We can’t all be cheetahs.

To live unapologetically with laughter at each turn has to be a supreme achievement. You can’t die in the middle of your life and wait to be buried some decades later.

Find courage to mine the energy you need, never mind how deep you need to dig. You have to fight to beat your conscience and feed your soul.

Storms occur in our lives which sound amazing to observe from afar but difficult to bear once among them. Life can suck but these storms always pass through often washing down the mess around you. Sometimes the sound of drizzling rain lingers and is comforting and welcoming. It’s nurturing and required to make life flourish.

We only have one shot at this so let’s keep our hopes and dreams alive. Don’t live everyday as if it’s your last or it will be. Cherish every living minute whether sad or happy and celebrate each waking day and find a reason to smile. It’s hard sometimes but make it happen, it’s a choice.

Small virtually insignificant acts of kindness can alter the entire direction of another’s life. What’s insignificant to you is another’s plateau of happiness. Feed off this and find a small smile to know that only you know you made a difference with so little.

I believe all people are inherently good. Nobody wants to be obnoxious or a knob. We have challenging moments in our life and this creates grey areas and poor choices.

Given the choice a person would choose to be amazing. Some people battle with this but quietly want to be that person. They forget to look for something good in everybody they meet. Intentional moments of connectivity, It’s a choice. It’s easy to be negative and miss the wonderful things every living thing has to offer.

Being an arsehole doesn’t mean you are not good. It just means you are perceived to be an arsehole by another. Sometimes grumpiness takes over and this is built over years of heartache, suffering and once again a litany of poor choices and neglect over the importance of the choices we are presented with.

Very few people lack remorse. We naturally worry and try and do the right thing. Nobody wants to live in no mans land. We all want adventures, love and what’s best for everybody not just your loved ones. It’s a choice.

A kaleidoscope of life choices is what’s required to maintain happiness and change lives in a manner that will make you feel proud to be yourself.

This is all hardly profound but useful if you pay attention. You see, I don’t. I actually do, do some of the shit I have mentioned but on more than one occasion every week I turn left instead of right. Life’s hard and that’s a fact but it still remains a choice as to how you want to live it.

Have you had a life worth living, it’s not too late to try and do better before you peg. Not to place any urgency on this but this could be your very last day you suck oxygen out of our atmosphere. Try and do it with some significance.

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