Smiling really does make the world go round. We need to smile and smile a lot. People who smile are better looking than those that don’t. Smiling makes you feel happy, it stimulates your senses to suck the living shit out of Life.

A good excuse not to smile is if you have rotten teeth or none at all although it’s cute to try. You still look better attempting a smile than not.

A smile is a smile unless you are a serial killer or a clown in which case you are a doos.The quality of the smile is not that important except for the fact that a large genuine smile is super amazing.

We forget to smile and yet it’s vital to everything we hold dear. We need to remind each other how amazing a generous smile is, what it can achieve and what a difference it makes to your life.

When you walk in a foreign land and see the smiles of strangers and even though you cannot know what they say it’s unimportant to know, you just know it’s positive and special and it makes you smile too. It’s infectious.

If a beggar walks by and you don’t have cash or don’t feel like paying at all a smile goes a long way for that desperate person who I bet you, smiles back.

Smiling is a universal language and accepted around the world. Just remember that.

To engage someone with a smile is a day changer. It uplifts you to a place so far removed from where you just were that it is bloody marvelous. A smile from anybody is cool and gratifying. Whether you are young or old, fat or slim or just funny looking we appreciate your smile.

I smile just writing this.

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